Honda VersaTool Accessories


$467 Cultivator

Cultivator attachment for VersaTool – $467  Makes tilling, aerating and cultivating of soil easy  170mm width makes the cultivation of garden plots and lawns simple and stress-free  Easy-to-grip ...more info

Extension Pole

$134 Extension pole

Extension Pole for VersaTool $134 The VersaTool Extension Pole will make those high up gardening chores easier to tackle Adds an extra metre reach to other VersaTool attachments Easy ...more info


$301 Edger

Edger attachment for VersaTool – $301 The perfect tool ...more info


$238 Blower

Blower attachment for VersaTool – $238 Easily keeps garden paths, driveways, lawns and verandas free of leaves and debris ...more info


$415 Pruner

Pruner attachment for VersaTool – ...more info


$207 Brushcutter

Brushcutter attachment ...more info

Hedgetrimmer (Short Shaft)

$405 Hedgetrimmer short shaft

Hedgetrimmer short shaft attachment for VersaTool – ...more info

Hedgetrimmer (Long Shaft)

$425 Hedgetrimmer long shaft

Hedgetrimmer long shaft attachment for VersaTool – $425 Longer attachment (than short shaft) designed for trimming foliage and ...more info

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